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e to follow us on WechatGlobal trade tensions a setbac▓k on sustainable development: UN chiefGlobal trade tensions a setback on sustainable development: UN▓ chiefGlobal trade tensions a setback on sus▓tainable development: UN chief05-12-2019 09:33

 BJTGENEVA, May 10 -- Current global tensions are a major▓

setback for

sustainable development, the

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres said at the World Trade Organizati▓on (WTO) on Friday."Significant obstacles have emerged in our efforts to harness the positive force▓ of globalization for sustainable development," sai

d Guterres in a historic address before the WTO's General Co

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ef said that globalization▓ has made countries, businesses and people more inter▓dependent than ever before, and created vast opportunities for growth and development."But

globalization has als▓o fueled fears and anxieties, and seriousl▓y weakened popular support for trad

e multilateralism," said Guter

res.Noting trade tensions have escalated over the past year to threaten growth in international trade, Gu▓terres warned that "these trade tensions are a major

set-back for the revitalization of the global▓ partnership re


for sustainable development.""When trade tensions rise, there are no winners, only losers, especially among developing countries," he s

aid, underlining "it is essential that tensions continue to be resolved throug▓h multilateral dialogue and cooperation."His attendance▓ at the WTO comes as the organization is at an impasse in appointments to the Appellate Body

which members warned will paralyze it due to the refusal ▓b

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